Posts Coming Soon + Request Recipes Here!

This is a list of posts that I plan to write soon! Therefore, it will change often. Also, the order of the posts may not be exactly the order shown below.

You can request recipes of anything from any country and place in the world (but especially Asia), and I will reply if I can make it. You can comment requests on this page, or also on any recipe page. However, it is neater when all on one page.
Make sure to comment foods that you want me to add to this list below! 🙂

Sweet Recipe: Snowskin Mooncakes with Red Bean or Yellow Mung Bean Paste Filling
Thai Recipe: Drunkard’s Noodles
Chinese Recipe: Whole Wheat Mantou (Steamed Buns without Filling)
Fusion Recipe: Kimchi Spaghetti
Western Recipe with Asian Flavorings: Curry Carrot Soup


23 thoughts on “Posts Coming Soon + Request Recipes Here!

    1. I have not found it, so I have never used it. Many Indian recipes call for it but I skip. If a recipe has a lot of spices, you can skip one without changing flavor too much. (I never made a recipe that called for a large amount of amchoor before) If I find it, I will use it and tell you. Amchoor is dried and powdered unripe mango, and it has sour flavor.

    1. Sorry, I forgot to check this blog again (no notifications so I forgot about it!) I will put the recipe up at some time. Sorry, I am very busy and I can only upload once in a while 😦

  1. Have any recipe suggestions for Asian (excluding Indian) inspired side dishes
    that does not include rice, noodles
    or green veggies (Bok Choy) ??

  2. Not sure how often you read your
    post, but hope you Thanksgiving
    Day was fully of food to be ‘Thankful’
    for. As most alway. My food coma is in
    full swing.

    1. I don’t really understand what you are asking, but I do love ramen. (I’ve never eaten ramen in a restaurant before though, only in my house!) What are shiitake noodles?

    2. OH! I get it. I searched on Google and found out it is a common mispelling of shirataki (しらたき) which is noodles made from konnyaku. To not be confused between the terms, pronounce them correctly, like in Spanish. Shiitake = SHEE-tah-keh (NOT shih-TAH-kee), shirataki = shee-RAH-tah-kee. They have no calories and are very very chewy like konnyaku. A current more popular kind in the USA contains both konnyaku and tofu, called tofu shirataki. Anyways, to use either, blanch in boiling water for a minute and then add to a broth. They also work well in a hotpot. They can also replace noodles in any recipe for a much lower calorie version. I don’t use it though, because I’m not cutting calories. However, they do work well in hot pots if you like the texture. Some people don’t like the chewyness of konnyaku.
      (Konnyaku is a jelly made from the starch of the konnyaku plant tuber. It has a unique chewy texture. It is made into different shapes, the most popular being the rectangular block shape. They can also be shaped into noodles, and then they are called shirataki.)
      Sorry for extremely long reply. Hope it was helpful! 🙂

  3. Did you ever purchase an Pressure cooker? Everyone I’ve asked about this item say the same thing. ‘I’m scared of it’ or ‘I’d like one but I wouldn’t use it much’.
    P.S. Your ‘coming soon’ recipe list is a coming along.

    1. I have one my grandma brought from China forever ago. But I rarely use it since it’s too big and it’s too loud and it’s annoying to use as well as scary. I want to buy an electric pressure cooker. They are on Amazon. You plug in, select saute if necessary and then saute, then add the rest and cover, pressure cook! Automatic and everything, not loud! Most of them also have other functions like slow cooking so it’s pretty cool. Check out the “Instant Pot”. My main problem is that I am running out of space in the kitchen for pots and stuff. Maybe I will get one later. It is VERY helpful in cooking Indian food. If you make beef stew etc. often then it is also helpful. But of course slow cooking works for that too. But if you’re like, hmm I want beef stew but I didn’t slow cook in morning, then pressure cook should work! hehe I don’t like beef stew, but it also is good for beans, etc. that need long cooking. So a pressure cooker would be helpful then. The Instant Pot is totally on my wish list, hehe. Also if living at high altitude it is VERY helpful for rice making since nothing cooks there! I heard pressure cooked Japanese rice is more sticky too and that is desired in Japanese rice. So anyways you can consider the electric one if you have money/space for it! But the stovetop one is REALLY loud (the fancy new versions probably aren’t that loud, but still when it releases the gas it is scary too, hehe). And realize that after pressure cooking you must wait a while for pressure to go away, that can take pretty long, and is annoying. If you open right away it will explode and you will go to the hospital, yikes!! That’s why I recommend electric since it does everything automatically 🙂
      Hehe, my coming soon list is one year old. I probably won’t update it, lol, like my contents page, sorry! I don’t have enough time and would rather upload recipes right? 🙂

  4. Thanks for the Pressure Cooker info. I will certainly look up the electric cooker.
    You can certainly update and do what you want on your blog as your desire and as you time permits. I’m just a freeloader when it comes to your recipes. I am always grateful and excited to read about your trips!! :))

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