Hi, I’m Link* (I’m not Teddy! That’s a common misconception :)), and the mascot of this blog is Teddy. This blog is about Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, and other cuisines too. Thank you for reading, and I hope you will enjoy my recipes! If you want to read more about me (and Teddy), please read the “Meet the Chefs!” post, which is now also copied here below! This way, you don’t have to go to another page to read it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Meet the Chef(s)!

Hello, I am Link, the chef of this blog, Teddy’s Cooking. But, before I introduce myself further, you are definitely wondering why the name of the blog is “Teddy’s Cooking” and not “Link’s Cooking”. So, please meet Teddy first:


This is Teddy! Teddy is a Russ Berrie Rory Teddy Bear, blue color. You can find them on Ebay. I had a Russ Berrie Rory Teddy Bear when I was a baby, and I found one on Ebay a few years ago and bought for nostalgia (it costs $5). Now, Teddy is the mascot of this blog. So, get used to him appearing once in a while ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, back to me.. I am an ABC, which means “American Born Chinese”. If you haven’t figured it out, that means my race is Chinese but I was born in the USA. I live about an hour away from downtown Los Angeles, California, in some small city you probably have not heard of. My parents were both born in China, one in Sichuan province (I will write an article on Sichuan cuisine, my favorite) and one in Shandong province (which I don’t know much about and never visited). They met in Beijing and again in the USA, where they married.

I only started cooking in late 2012, and back then I was really bad and slow at it.. and I made a YouTube channel called TeddysCooking. The problem is that those videos are from that time, so they are not very good recipes and I do not recommend following any of the recipes. Also, do not judge me as the quality is not very good too. I may or may not be uploading better videos in the future.
Why did I start cooking? I was interested in Japanese culture (I still am now) and I found the YouTube show CookingWithDog, which is a great show with a mysterious chef who does not reveal her name and a cute poodle named Francis who “narrates” the recipe in a strong Japanese accent. This sounds quite strange, but I really like the show, and there are great Japanese recipes so if you like Japanese food, check it out. After this, I discovered more YouTube cooking channels, and became more interested in cooking delicious food. I will introduce more cooking channels and cookbooks in later blog posts.

I hope you will enjoy reading my recipes!

(If you didn’t enjoy my post I will become better at writing later, hehe)

*Secret! Link is not my real name. My real name is not disclosed.


28 thoughts on “About

  1. Good Luck with your blog. I have
    ‘Bookmarked’ you blog already as
    one of my ‘Favorites’. Look forward
    to reading more in the future. :-))

  2. I just bought a 2L jug of LG peanut oil, and can’t figure out how to open it! the cap doesn’t unscrew. Can you help? Thanks!

  3. Have you tried other langanma
    sauces such as the one labeled
    as chili on oil and the chili crisp?
    Tried to access the Laoganma website
    for a description and use of products but for some reason the website freezes. All the other web resources
    mention the black bean sauce.

    1. The chili crisp contains crispy soy nuts. The chili on oil, I think is just chili oil (no black beans or crispy). I recommend the one with black beans as long as you like their flavor. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hey great blog, thanks for the information on Sichuan Baoning Vinegar. BTW, do you know who the distributor in Monterey Park is who carries it? I am trying to get some out here on the East Coast.

    1. You’re welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Actually I don’t know know since I used up the bottle and am using Chinkiang vinegar now, sorry. But I will check the next time I go to the Hawaii Supermarket and check.

  5. Warning: non cuisine related question.
    Do you download Chinese music? (and not from iTunes) Looking for a website to download from and you of course know I don’t read any Chinese dialect. :((

    1. That’s fine if non cuisine-related. No, I download Japanese music XD I prefer it because I don’t know any Chinese artists, and I know a lot of good Japanese artists from anime. Probably would be much harder to find than Japanese. And free download at your own risk ๐Ÿ™‚
      Also, do you mean modern pop music or traditional music? I can help you with finding music if you wish.
      PS. One who knows Chinese characters can only read Standard Mandarin since other Chinese topolects (what most people call Chinese dialects, but an incorrect translation) cannot be written. The only exception is Cantonese, because the Hong Kong government has developed a writing system. I will explain this in a language blog post later. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Lastly, Duolingo has released Esperanto today and I will be studying it during the summer, hope I can meet my goal (I usually quit XD)! I will also definitely start Vietnamese when it comes out. I’m not interested in European languages (my learning in school in the past has bored me, sorry)… Turkish was the first non-European but I don’t have incentive to learn, and I hope more Asian languages come like Thai. Russian will be the first language with a non-Latin script so that will open new doors for other languages. For some reason, I’m quite interested in learning Hmong even though I know nobody who speaks it, there’s only one site with a basic course and it costs money, and it has lots of challenging consonant clusters and tones.

  6. Thanks for your offer to help me find the soundtrack to ‘Sound of the Desert’
    I will keep looking on my end for a safe and reliable site.
    Not that your summer won’t be busy enough with your travels, Your goal to learn Esperanto is great!! You seem to have an easier time learning languages and while learning any language with a native speaker to which any language you want to learn is nice, I’m sure you’ll do very well (just don’t give up ๐Ÿ™‚ ). funny you should mention Russian language. my current neighbors are from Russia. The Russian women always sound like they purposely raise their voices when they speak. Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I found it ๐Ÿ™‚ But downloading is illegal (technically) although I admit I can do it when it isn’t possible or very challenging or way too expensive to get here legally… And this soundtrack can probably not be purchased legally. So it’s your choice if you want ๐Ÿ™‚
      Insteresting, I like anime more than drama for some reason. Maybe because usually drama is 1 hr episode while anime is 30 min episode? I rarely watch now though, the current streaming ones are all boring or weird.
      I’m thinking about Esperanto though, like no one speaks it, and if it’s easy enough to do this summer. I’m thinking about trying it just to try out Duolingo. The other European languages either seem too boring because I studied, or too confusing like Irish.
      Russian is interesting because of its alphabet in my opinion, hehe. Russian sounds very unique compared to the Western European languages. You’re welcome! ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Second reply, read first one first.
      Yes, I can’t really find any CD or iTunes China or anything legal, it’s probably because most people don’t buy and listen to drama soundtracks. Different from Japan, where soundtracks are quite popular. Many famous popular artists sing the songs for shows so that’s why. Maybe Chinese are not that way? hehe
      PS. Spanish or even French/German/Italian would be so much more useful than Esperanto but for some weird reason I find it boring! I mean even though my school classes were boring, doesn’t mean the language is, but I still think that way, strange ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      1. I think I found a site where I can purportedly purchase the CD. ‘yesasia.com’ but I’m in the process of reading reviews for this site so I’ll have to think about it. the various artist are suppose to be well known (like I would know). I find the music very very nice and not the very traditional Chinese music I’ve always had in mind.
        I found this drama to be more tolerable then other dramas but I agree with the time. 1-1.5 hrs is a long time.
        Maybe you’ll be lucky to find somebody to discuss Hmong language Esperanto. Practice makes for better understanding (IMHO)

      2. (Very long post! Like a blog post… So read when there is time :))
        Yay! The problem, the shipping costs so much from those sites XD so only get if you really want. I prefer iTunes over CD, but some songs are only on iTunes of the specific country (US credit card doesn’t work). Chinese pop is interesting, I find it unique but more similar to J-Pop than American Pop. The biggest difference is that in American Pop, the chorus/hook takes up most of the song, repeated over and over in same lyrics. Meanwhile in Asian Pop, the choruses, although with same melody, have different lyrics (the same lyrics may repeat once), and are less repetitive. This makes American Pop more catchy as the repeating chorus is stuck in the head but it gets annoying after a while too, hehe.
        My mom watches dramas and always complains how bad they are, but once in a while there is a good one XD
        Hmong language is one language of a minority ethnic group with about 4 million or so speakers in China and USA and Laos and Thailand and Vietnam, the Miao people. Specifically, Hmong refers to the “Bai Miao” or “White Hmong”. There are numerous other Miao peoples, like the Green, Black, Flower, and Striped Miao. Some Hmong find the word Miao derogatory since it’a Chinese and they want to call all Miao as “Hmong”, but only the White Miao people call themselves Hmong. The Green Miao say “Mong” which is similar but other groups have more different names. There are millions of White and Green Miao people in USA, because they were refugees from Laos (the Communist government had a genocide against them). They ended up in SE Asia because the Chinese conflict with them in the Qing Dynasty. I feel like learning a Chinese minority language is interesting, especially since there are many people of this ethnic group in USA too. However there is only one website with a complete beginners course and I don’t want to pay for learning the language (I’m not that dedicated). I also know zero Hmong people. Some million live in USA, but most live in China. Some interesting facts. First, tons of tones and several sound the same to me! Second, it has about 47 consonants (yikes) PLUS many consonant clusters made from combining them. But consonants only come at the beginning of the syllable! Only ng comes at the end of nasalized vowels (which are found in French “an” “en” “in”, as well as Portuguese, and Latin, but Spanish got rid of them). Third, every word is only ONE SYLLABLE! That’s like Ancient Chinese. In Modern Chinese, each word is usually 1-2 syllables and each syllable has one meaning, so most words are compounded, which is very logical to me. Fourth, Hmong is isolating language. That’s like Chinese, in which no words can be conjugated, which is also fun for me. So two hard parts and two easy parts!
        PS. hello = nyob zoo. It’s pronounced nyol jong (the j is a soft j like in French “jour”, and the o is again a cross between oh and ah, but nasal like French “bon”). It’s spelled strangely because Hmong spelling is unique. The tones are also too hard to describe.
        Meanwhile Esperanto is a constructed (fake!) language from a hundred years ago or so. Vocab and grammar is based on most of the European languages, including Slavic, Romance, and Germanic. But it is simplified grammar, so all verbs are regular, all nouns are one gender only, every letter has only one pronunciation, etc. It’s quite logical. It was created to be an International Language so everyone could learn it and communicate with each other, which is a great idea. However, it had some problems, like it is only based on European languages, so speakers of non-European languages will find it quite challenging (still much easier than English). Second, since it is phonetic, it uses some consonants with “hats” on top, which aren’t used in other languages so it’s hard to type. The biggest problem, the creator’s dream didn’t come true! Almost nobody (well, about a million people, but China has over a BILLION) speaks it! It’s only popular among people who love studying languages. That’s the largest problem since almost no one knows it. However, it is very easy to learn for any speaker of European languages, and can be learned in a MONTH if dedicated (I won’t learn that fast but still will be fast). Learning new languages makes your brain healthier too, lowers Alzheimer’s Disease possibility.
        Interestingly, there is a worldwide directory of Esperanto speakers, and if you speak it, they will allow you to stay at their home for free. But I’m not that kind of traveler (afraid XD), still very interesting.
        PS, if learning a language, use the app, Duolingo. It is FREE and NO ADS and will remain that way forever. The CEO made a TED video explaining why and it’s quite genius. You can learn MANY European languages through it using English. Using Spanish, you can learn a few European languages. And using many European and Asian languages, you can learn English. It’s teaching millions of people already. The first Asian language on it will be Vietnamese, released next year. I’m very excited for it and I will definitely learn it, hehe.
        Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. just watch a YouTube video of a group of people talking about Esperanto. one mentioned vacationing in Esperantoland ๐Ÿ˜‰ I understood a word now and then. I think I’ll ward of Alzheimer’s by learning a instrument. it’s less frustrating for me.

      2. Hehe, it has many words from Romance languages so it can be partially understood. Interlingua (better but far less popular) seems to look almost exactly like a Romance language on Wikipedia. Instruments are actually more frustrating for me, hehe. But it’s good to learn things and stay healthy ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Wow,,,what a difference a day makes.
    did a quick search and did not see it downloadable. THANKS FOR UPDATE. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It is downloadable, (but only illegally), so it’s your own risk. You can probably find the songs on YouTube though. If you can’t find the songs in English titles, I will search the Chinese and send you the link ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. oh,,,I know the songs are on youTube.
    I have marked the so that I can find them easily. Thank You kindly. :))

    1. Delicious Thai “curry” recipe is up ๐Ÿ˜€
      So yummy and good, and about 30-minute meal (still not as fast as Chinese food but fast in the Western sense?).

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