Italian Recipe: Homemade Pasta

This dough is ALMOST how pasta is made in Northern Italy, but the easy way with a stand mixer and roller attachment (the roller attachment almost costs more than the stand mixer XD). I don’t have enough countertop space to roll out the pasta. With the mixer, it is very easy. In Northern Italy, no salt or oil is added to the dough.

(supposedly serves 4, but it really serves about 6)

400g 00 flour (preferred) or all purpose flour (not authentic but I use it and it still works well)

4 eggs

Directions for using the Stand Mixer + Pasta Attachment:

1. Add to stand mixer bowl.

2. Place the hook attachment.

3. Run on speed 2 for quite a while.

4. It will mix and later form small pieces of dough. As it keeps mixing it may form one big lump.

5. If it does not form after a pretty long time, add 1-2 tbsp water (don’t add too much water!) By the way, this step is not authentic. Traditionally it is only eggs. You can add beaten egg instead of course.

6. Now once it forms a mass, when you touch it, it is sticky. Continue on speed 2 for several minutes so gluten forms.

7. Now if you feel it, it is not sticky at all. Also it is very very elastic.

8. Now form one ball and put in the stand mixer bowl, cover with a plate for at least 30 minutes. Actually this step is optional if you have no time. In some recipes they don’t let it rest before rolling.

9. Now take it out and cut into 4 equal pieces.

10. Put three back into the bowl and cover with plate again.

11. Now do the following steps for each piece:

(maybe not authentic method? but this is what works for me)

12. Press down with your palm to slightly flatten.

13. Use the pasta rolling attachment. Turn to speed 2. Use setting 1.

14. Feed the dough through twice. Then fold in half. Repeat this once more. Then feed through twice again.

15. Use setting 2. Do the same as you did in 14.

16. Now feed through on setting 3 twice.

17. Now setting 4 twice.

18. Dust a surface with flour generously. Place the dough sheet. Dust on top with flour.

19. Now use the pasta cutter attachment. I used the fettucine one. There is also the spaghetti one, but TONS of dough stuck to it last time I used it! And it was impossible to remove any of the dough.

20. Turn to speed 2. Feed the dough sheet through.

21. Now form the noodles in a bunch, dust generously with flour, toss lightly. Place on a tray covered with flour. All this flour prevents noodles from sticking.

22. Now to cook ALL of the noodles, use 5 liters of water, plus a tbsp of salt (use even more for an authentic version!). For part of this recipe, you can use less. You can cover and refrigerate the rest (again, this is not authentic). Bring to a boil in a giant pot.

23. Add the noodles, stir. I use chopsticks, it’s much much easier than other.

24. Cover the lid, and bring to a boil. STARE at the pot while doing this! Really! If you don’t, it will EXPLODE when boiling. That’s what happened to me, even though I DID stare at the pot, LOL. But you still must cover or else it won’t ever come to a boil. So pay close attention. As soon as it starts bubbling a bit, open the lid!

25. Stir well again. Now cook and stir every minute. Also taste a noodle every minute to see how they are cooked. Cook until al dente. They will continue to cook after draining, because unlike Asian noodles, they are never rinsed in cold water to stop cooking.

26. Once al dente, quickly put noodles in a colander and drain well.

27. Now place onto the serving plates and spread. In some recipes, the pasta is placed into the pan with sauce and first mixed before placing.

28. If placed on the plate, quickly top with the sauce and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. I like to stir it well at this point, then serve.

29. Enjoy!!

This time, I made almost authentic Ragu Bolognese to go with the fettucine. It is very yummy! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Italian Recipe: Homemade Pasta

  1. Who ever would of thought that there was some danger in making pasta?!?! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Maybe my task is to look up types of pasta’s to make WITHOUT a pasta roller. Thank goodness I’ve got plenty of counter space!! Fresh pasta is worth the time
    Pasta sauce will depend on the pasta. Hmmm. Lasagna? Browned butter sauce ? or Pesto sauce? THANKS for the recipe. 🙂 Ciao Ciao

    1. Ciao!
      Not really dangerous but it puts out the fire, hehe. It’s very frustrating.
      There are a few types of pasta, like most Asian noodles, that don’t need a roller. You can even make pasta by rolling pin but you need a giant counter and lots of time and skill. For tagliatte it goes with ragu 🙂 I made fettucine instead though because I have the cutter. You can also make it by accordion folding after rolling out to 4, then slicing with a sharp knife like udon. Udon noodles are easy to make without pasta roller. In fact quite challenging to make WITH a pasta roller since they must be thick. And in western China, people always hand pull all of the noodles. In Eastern Tibet (located in western Sichuan), they don’t even shape into noodles and just use hands to form squares, very easy, and quite tasty with the sauce. In China, usually no egg in the noodles. For Italian pasta, no egg = mushy, but in Chinese noodles, no egg = chewy, lol. There still are egg made noodles though. I know nothing about Shandong home-cooking, because my grandma went back to Shandong when I started elementary school, so she could not teach any family recipes, oh well. I wish I can go there someday to the village where she lives. My mom recalls that my grandma DID include eggs when she made dumpling wrappers and noodles when I was a baby, which is quite interesting, since Chinese recipes that I know do not. But I DO know that in Guangdong they use eggs and a high pH chemical to make those springy “egg noodles” found in my beloved Cantonese chow mien! Ok, sort of random now, hehe.
      For spaghetti, you can make pomodoro sauce (so easy! yum! I will put the recipe sometime!). You can also make that spaghetti with just olive oil and garlic. Or you can make the one with pancetta and raw eggs. Ewwww for me, since raw eggs are not what I enjoy. If using my ragu, you can have with tagliatelle, papardelle, fettucine, or bow tie. Or even spaghetti, but don’t tell any Italians!! It’s highly unauthentic, lol. You can also make the authentic lasagna bolognese with lasagna pasta, ragu, parmigiano, and the white sauce. Anyways, so many sauces, and yum! 🙂
      You’re welcome!

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