Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

Happy year of the sheep! and the goat! and the ram! and the lamb! and the ewe! and the antelope! and the…
Well, the Chinese character 羊 has ALL of these meanings. Usually they translate it “sheep” or “ram” and sometimes “goat”. The character is pronounced “yang” (not like how Americans say “yay” + ng, but like “yawn” + ng)

Chinese New Year’s Greetings!
新年快乐!(xin nian kuai le, “seen nyehn kwai luh”, “new year fast happy!”) = Happy New Year!
春节快乐!(chun jie kuai le, “chwin dzjyeh kwai luh”, “spring holiday fast happy!”) = Happy Spring Festival!
(In China, the Spring Festival is the official name of the lunar new year. Technically “New Year” means the western calendar, but people still use it anyways.)
恭喜发财!(gong xi fa cai, “gohng see fah tsai”, this is made up of “congratulations” and “to make a fortune”, literally word by word = “respectful to like to send out wealth”)
This phrase congratulates the listener for their wealth and has a meaning of wishing the listener to be prosperous in the new year. It originated in Cantonese as “gung hei faat coi” (pronounced gung hay faht choi) and later spread to general Chinese.

Happy Lunar New Year! Did you do anything for the New Year?

Today, I made stir-fried pressed tofu with mixed vegetables. It was very delicious! I will share the recipe soon, if you liked the other recipes you’ll love it! 🙂


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