Monthly Archives: September 2014

Project: Teddy’s Cookbook

Hi everyone!

I am thinking of a cookbook project that I will make for fun called Teddy’s Cookbook! I would collect recipes from around the world (but focusing on Asia) and make an e-cookbook! The book would be free to everyone and it would be a very fun project! I am very busy, but I will work on it during my free time. I hope I can start this project because it would be so interesting! I love eating food from around the world, so I am very excited for it.

If anyone wants to share a family recipe into Teddy’s Cookbook, please comment! I would love to hear everyone’s delicious recipes.

Also, if anyone wants to learn how to cook any food in the world, please comment and I would be glad to help get a recipe.

If you have been following my blog, thank you so much 🙂 I hope everyone can learn how to cook delicious food from Teddy. Thank you for reading!