Recipe: Kotthu Tortilla

There is a south Indian street food called kothu parotta that is made of a type of south Indian flatbread called parotta, chopped up, and cooked with vegetables, spices, and scrambled eggs. I can compare this dish to Chinese fried rice. For this recipe, I replaced parotta with flour tortillas, which I buy from Costco in the refrigerated section uncooked. I find precooked tortillas to have strange flavor, so I prefer the uncooked ones. Tortillas make the dish easier to make in the USA and also much less expensive than using frozen parotta. The finished result was very delicious and I enjoyed it very much. The recipe is also both vegetarian and vegan, if the tortillas have no lard.

This recipe is adapted from this recipe by “Show Me the Curry” and this recipe by “Sailu’s Kitchen”.

Serves 1 (full meal, generous amount) or 2 (snack, or very small meal)

3 flour tortillas, cooked, tear into very small pieces and reserve
1 tbsp cooking oil
heaping 1/4 tsp black mustard seeds
1 sprig curry leaves (use only leaves), optional because hard to get in USA
1/2 red or yellow onion, finely chopped
green chilies to taste, minced, optional if you don’t want spicy
1 heaping tsp minced garlic
1 heaping tsp minced ginger
1 tomato, finely chopped
heaping 1/4 tsp chaat masala
heaping 1/4 tsp garam masala
heaping 1/4 tsp turmeric powder
heaping 1/4 tsp Indian red chili powder (use Kashmiri red chili powder for non-spicy)
salt to taste (I use 1/4 tsp)
Optional: 1/2 to 1 cup frozen mixed peas, carrots, corn, green beans, edamame (or something similar, I get at Costco)
1-2 eggs
juice of 1/2 lime
~1/4 cup finely chopped cilantro
finely chopped green onion (optional)

1. Heat a pan and add oil.
(The cooking will be done over medium-high heat.)
2. Add black mustard seeds; when they pop a little, add curry leaves.
3. After curry leaves pop a few seconds, add onion, ginger, garlic, and green chilies. Cook, stirring once in a while, until onion is translucent and lightly browned.
4. Add tomatoes. Cook, stirring once in a while, until they become soft and reduced into a paste.
5. Add turmeric, red chili powder, garam masala, and chaat masala. Stir well.
Optional: If using frozen vegetables, add and stir well for a minute.
6. Push the spice mixture to the side. Break the eggs in the middle. Stir to scrambled the eggs until cooked.
7. Add the tortillas that were torn into small pieces. Stir well to evenly distribute the spices and egg.
8. Add in most of the cilantro and green onion (if using) and the lime juice. Stir well.
9. Once evenly combined and heated through, put onto a plate and sprinkle with more cilantro.
10. Enjoy! Serve with some plain yogurt if you want.

It’s not very yellow because I forgot to add turmeric today… still good though!


2 thoughts on “Recipe: Kotthu Tortilla

  1. Glad to see another post.
    Looks easy and delicious :))
    Down to very little meat myself so
    this looks like a good addition to
    my non-meat days (except I have not
    Black mustard seeds :(( ).

    1. Thank you for commenting. Black mustard seeds can be omitted from the recipe, but can be found at Indian grocery stores. If you have the two masalas and Indian red chili powder, you are good for this recipe. 🙂

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