Information: Bibimbap (비빔밥)

Bibimbap (비빔밥 – bibimbap – pee beem bahp – “mix rice”) is a very famous Korean food. If you have eaten Korean food before, you have probably eaten bibimbap. This dish consists of rice on the bottom of a bowl, topped with beautifully arranged vegetables and other toppings (meat, egg). Bibimbap is also easy to convert to a vegetarian or vegan diet just by skipping the meat and egg. A sauce based of Korean hot pepper paste (고추장 – gochujang – koh choo jahng – “chili sauce”) is added to taste; sometimes, extra sesame oil is added too. It is usually served in a heated stone bowl called a dolsot in a restaurant and some Korean households, This way, it stays hot. At home, I serve it in a regular large bowl because dolsot are hard to care for, and I wouldn’t use it very often. Bibimbap takes a while to make because of all the topping preparations, and you need a lot of vegetables. To me, the recipe is very flexible, so if I do not have a few of the vegetables, I can skip them. However, you do need a variety of vegetables for bibimbap.
The recipe will be found in the next post!


5 thoughts on “Information: Bibimbap (비빔밥)

  1. Yay!!! Bibimbap made the CNN ‘Best
    Food in the World again!!! (Also Galbi😍 Pad Thai, Nasi Goreng & Rendang!!
    But it’s a list that also includes Cheeseburger, Potato Chips, Ice Creme & warm brownie with Ice Cream (aren’t most of these snacks?). What is this food world coming to😞😉😁

    1. That list is from 2011, right? Is there a new one? Yeah the top 10 is almost completely Thai and Indonesian foods… (I think two foods were not…) After the top 10, the list is really bad. I think it included ice cream, gelato, and warm brownie with vanilla ice cream. Gelato is just the Italian word for ice cream. And ice cream by itself ranked better than the one with a warm brownie. Cheeseburgers taste good so I have no problem on the list. The original list had ketchup and maple syrup so at least those are not on… But many of the foods on the list are actually really good. I just have problems with the order and the fact that some foods on the list don’t belong on it.

      1. Yes. 2011. This recipe just reminded me
        of the the Best Foods list. Yeah. Potato Chip a food? Not on my list of real food

      2. I respect your opinion, but food means “something eaten”. And freshly made potato chips are really delicious (I had them in Germany, of all places).

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