Ingredient: White Pepper Powder(白胡椒粉)

White pepper powder(白胡椒粉 – bai hu jiao fen – bai [rhymes with “eye”] hoo dzyall fuhn – bai= “white”, hu is an old word for “foreign” used during the Han Dynasty, jiao refers to all chilies and peppercorns, fen= “powder” or “flour”)is used in Chinese cuisine. Black pepper is ONLY used in Hong Kong, in the dishes “black pepper beef” and “French-style beef” (I think they are the same thing. Can anyone clarify in the comments?). In every other dish I know, white pepper is used. You can freshly grind white pepper (make sure you grind it very finely!!) or use white pepper powder (most Chinese people use the powder). White pepper powder can be bought at the spice section of non-Chinese grocery stores, or in a small bottle with a green cap at every Chinese grocery store.



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