Flour-Steamed Meat(粉蒸肉)Information and Ingredients

Flour-Steamed Meat(粉蒸肉 – fen zheng rou – fuhn juhng roh – “flour steam meat”)is a very common Sichuanese food eaten in homes and restaurants. Meat is marinated with Sichuanese flavorings and coated in toasted rice powder. Then, it is steamed for a long time so it becomes tender. Usually, daikon, potato, sweet potato, or kabocha chunks are put under the meat in the steamer. The fragrant, tender meat pairs well with the vegetables.

For the ingredients you need, I have discussed the majority already.

Mapo Tofu Ingredients, Part 1, contains information about Pixian douban, garlic, ginger, green onions, Shaoxing wine, and peanut oil; all of them you need for this dish. Part 2 explains light soy sauce, Chinese stock, and Sichuan peppercorns; you will need these three for your dish. You will also need long grain white rice (I use jasmine rice), dark soy sauce, and cilantro. For the beef version, you will also need sesame oil and Korean hot pepper powder. Lastly, you can use 5 spice powder (which will have its own post later, along with the formula) if you want more spice flavor.
For the meat, you need beef (flank steak) or pork (pork belly is traditional; use pork shoulder for leaner cut). You also need a very large heatproof bowl and a stockpot with a steaming rack (you can find the steaming rack at a Chinese grocery store).

This is the flour-steamed pork that my step-grandmother made in her apartment in Nanchong City.


This one was the fat. The other plate had the lean meat, but I took a picture of the fat…

Here is the flour-steamed pork served at a restaurant in Tumen, Yilong County, Nanchong Prefecture, Sichuan. As you can see, it has kabocha chunks under it:


Here Is The Recipe!


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