Ingredient: Jasmine Rice (ข้าวหอมมะลิ)

(2015 update: I am using 99 Ranch Market’s giant 50 lb bag of imported from Thailand new crop jasmine rice and it is much more affordable!)

Jasmine rice (ข้าวหอมมะลิ – khao hom mali) is a Thai variety of long grain rice with a wonderful aroma, popular all over the world.(Chinese – 泰国香米 – tai guo xiang mi – tai [rhymes with “eye”] gwuh syawng mee – “great country fragrant rice”; “tai” means “great” but it is used only to sound like “Thai”)

Make sure you buy one imported from Thailand, not Texas. It has more fragrance. Jasmine rice costs more than calrose rice.
I use the Super Lucky Elephant brand from Costco:

It says “New Crop” on it; so as explained in my post about cooking rice, less water must be used (For 3 rice cooker cups of rice, I fill water to about 2 1/2).

How to Cook Rice


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