Cooked White Rice(饭)In a Rice Cooker

I use three kinds of rice: short grain (calrose or Japanese), jasmine, and basmati. This blog will only teach how to make the first two; the latter is made differently.

You will need a rice cooker for this recipe.

Cooked rice:(Chinese: 饭 – fan – fuhn; Japanese: ご飯 – gohan – goh hahn; Korean: 밥 – bap – pahp)

For 4 people, you should use 2 rice cooker cups of rice. This depends on how much rice you eat. My dad eats more rice than my mom, so depending on how much rice you eat, adjust the amount. For the first time, try 2 rice cooker cups.
TIP: Rice cookers come with measuring cups. 1 rice cooker cup = 3/4 US cup; this is slightly confusing so I say “rice cooker cup”.

Put the rice in the bowl of the rice cooker. Add some water to cover the rice by a few inches, and use your hand to mix and gently scrub the rice. Once the water is opaque (you cannot see through AT ALL), pour out the water slowly. Be careful not to lose the rice. Repeat this step about 5 times. Then add water up to the line of the number of cups you used. For example, if you cooked 2 rice cooker cups, fill water up to line 2.
TIP: If your rice says “new crop” anywhere on the package, fill water a little under the number. This is because new crop rice has higher wayer content.
TIP 2: This amount of water works only for jasmine and short grain (calrose or Japanese) rice. Long grain rice that is not jasmine rice needs more water.

Make sure all the rice is submerged under the water. Wipe the outside of the rice cooker bowl with a towel. Put in the rice cooker, press “white rice” or something similar. Wait for it to finish. The Aroma rice cooker takes about 30 minutes. After cooking, open the lid so the water on the top drains away. Then leave until you are ready to serve the rice. The rice cooker will go to “warm” function if it has. Before serving, use the plastic rice paddle that comes with the rice cooker to mix up the rice. Enjoy!


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