Equipment: Rice Cooker

A rice cooker(Chinese: 电饭煲 – dian fan bao – dyehn fuhn ball; “electricity rice* pot”)(Japanese: 炊飯器 – suihanki – swee hahn kee; “cook rice* instrument”) (Korean: 밥솥 – bapsot – pahp soht; bap= “rice*”, I think sot has no meaning. If you are Korean, please clarify in a comment.) is a necessary component of a Chinese, Japanese, or Korean kitchen. Actually, you can make rice on the stove, but a rice cooker is much easier. Making rice on the stove involves checking a lot, and if you are not good at multitasking, this is quite challenging. If I would have one electric component in the kitchen, it would be a rice cooker. There are many rice cookers in the market. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, just buy a cheaper one. Aroma makes good rice cookers for cheap prices; you can find it at Costco. And their current rice cooker doubles as a slow cooker (although this means you can’t slow cook something and make rice on the same day)! If you can afford it, buy a Zojirushi Micom rice cooker. The Korean rice cookers, Cuckoo, are great too if you can afford. I’m just using an Aroma one right now, to save money. About the size, a 5 1/2 cup one is best.

* Fan, han, and bap all refer to only “cooked rice”. “Uncooked rice” is a different word.

How to Cook Rice


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