Meet the Chef(s)!

Hello, I am Link, the chef of this blog, Teddy’s Cooking. But, before I introduce myself further, you are definitely wondering why the name of the blog is “Teddy’s Cooking” and not “Link’s Cooking”. So, please meet Teddy first:


This is Teddy! Teddy is a Russ Berrie Rory Teddy Bear, blue color. You can find them on Ebay. I had a Russ Berrie Rory Teddy Bear when I was a baby, and I found one on Ebay a few years ago and bought for nostalgia (it costs $5). Now, Teddy is the mascot of this blog. So, get used to him appearing once in a while 🙂

Now, back to me.. I am an ABC, which means “American Born Chinese”. If you haven’t figured it out, that means my race is Chinese but I was born in the USA. I live about an hour away from downtown Los Angeles, California, in some small city you probably have not heard of. My parents were both born in China, one in Sichuan province (I will write an article on Sichuan cuisine, my favorite) and one in Shandong province (which I don’t know much about and never visited). They met in Beijing and again in the USA, where they married.

I only started cooking in late 2012, and back then I was really bad and slow at it.. and I made a YouTube channel called TeddysCooking. The problem is that those videos are from that time, so they are not very good recipes and I do not recommend following any of the recipes. Also, do not judge me as the quality is not very good too. I may or may not be uploading better videos in the future.
Why did I start cooking? I was interested in Japanese culture (I still am now) and I found the YouTube show CookingWithDog, which is a great show with a mysterious chef who does not reveal her name and a cute poodle named Francis who “narrates” the recipe in a strong Japanese accent. This sounds quite strange, but I really like the show, and there are great Japanese recipes so if you like Japanese food, check it out. After this, I discovered more YouTube cooking channels, and became more interested in cooking delicious food. I will introduce more cooking channels and cookbooks in later blog posts.

I hope you will enjoy reading my recipes!

(If you didn’t enjoy my post I will become better at writing later, hehe)


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